Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Austere Communists

"Have you noticed", she asked the girl, "that the left are always drab? When I was in the Party they thought I was frivolous. They did not trust me because of my dresses."...

..."They dressed like they had no hope. It is capitalism, I told them, that is bleak, not socialism. When there is a revolution the people should wear wonderful clothes, streamers, flags, balloons. It should be full of joy and love, not look like a funeral. Do you like picnics?"

-Illywhacker, Peter Carey

What a cracker of a book -you can expect humorous wickedness on every page. It's characters are an ensemble of weird, fickle, not-quite-there folks. Their morals - I just love the gray area each one perennially hangs in.

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