Monday, June 21, 2010


The 18th of June, a legendary Nobel-laureate author Jose Saramago passed away.
I came to read Saramago first only four years ago, but the Double was a book which completely blew me away with its power. It was the sort of existential writing that shocks. After such a powerful introduction, this Portuguese writer continued to amaze me with books like The Cave, Gospel according to Jesus Christ, Death with Intervals, The history of the siege of Lisbon. (I was less impressed with his most celebrated work - The blindness).
It is sad that we will hear from him no more. He was one of the very few writers who used fantasy and imagination to depict alienation, and how beautifully. I hope more of his untranslated works find a voice in English.


Gyaneshwar said...

great loss....

Shiva said...

Got introduced to his works through your blog.

Such a loss it is..!