Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In Melbourne

Another trip to the land down under. Three more months of 'Out of the box' living :) I am quite proud of my first day achievements: having found the closest library and becoming a member, AND issuing a few books which have been on my to-read list for a while.
It is an interesting city - I landed yesterday to a bright evening at 9 pm, with temperatures soaring to 32 degree even that late. And today, I was shivering through most of dinner! I am told it has four seasons in a day - that just might be true. Will leave the exploration to the weekend.


sandeephalder said...

Have u read any of Cormac McCarthy novels. It's always an interesting read.I was blown over by Blood Meridian. He is the same guy who wrote No Country for Old men which later was made into a fab film.

Sandeep Halder

Madhuri said...

I have one book of his on my shelf: The Road, but somehow have never come to read it yet.In time, I guess.

sandeephalder said...

the road is also made into a film:)