Friday, November 28, 2008

Shooting at the icon

These are days of shock and horror. Not just for those of us who reside in the city which has seen incredible mayhem in the last 50 hours, but for the entire nation, even the world. How different it is to drop a bomb and run away, even blow up as a human bomb in a flash. But to enter a city, to fill it with terror and then seize its softest points at gunpoint and engage in a long, endless battle without a thought of leaving it alive, is unprecedented and terrifying beyond belief. The key to winning a battle lies in the belief that the opponent will make an effort to save his life, but how much more difficult is this battle when the other wastes no thought to life - someone else's or his own. The Joker is always the most dangerous enemy.

Is it at all relevant that it has happened to India? Or that Pakistani nationals planned and perpetrated it? Perhaps, to a degree it is. But neither is the target limited to India, nor is the perpetrator confined to our neighbor. It is a war on all progress, made by all detractors of progress. Would engaging in a communal violence, which seems a possibility, or engaging in a war with Pakistan solve or eradicate any of it? No. Did American bombing of the wastelands of Afghanistan solve anything? No. If America has not seen a major terror attack since 9/11, it is more for its efforts to secure itself than its eradication of a country miles away. To save ourselves from terrorism, we need to wear a protective cover, for we cannot intercept every bullet.

The country we love to hate, and where perhaps a lot of this attack was seeded, is a country itself in deep trouble. We put their officials and leaders on hot seat and hurl accusations. But to lead a country full of fundamentalists and steer it towards open mindedness and progress, is a task for generations. Yes, they could come down with an iron fist on all these fundamentalist organizations like the Lashkar-e-Toiba. But in all likelihood, that will draw these organizations into greater focus, generate for them sympathies in the name of religion. Which will perhaps all end in the massacres of those who uphold something other than fundamentalism in the country. Can India take over this country and eradicate the communalistic sentiment? If not, what will be achieved by this war or by freezing any peace talks? Almost everyone who planted a bomb on our trains was an Indian - does it mean that we wage a war on ourselves? What about the Indian National who funded this operation? Or the people living in UK for years?

How much power do our leaders have when they try to fight internal fundamentalism of a different nature? The Nucleur treaty was opposed, without reason or rationale, and the Government had to be a mute witness. It does not mean that the very sensitive and progressive Manmohan Singh stands by those ghosts of ideas. But what good would it be for the country to dissolve yet another government and see another, equally fragmented mixture come up. The issue was tackled, slowly, but to effect. Tact remains the ultimate resort of a government which is not autocratic. And we may like to remember that before breaking off the resemblance of ties with a neighbour.

The fingers should not point towards a country. Yes, the country and its community needs to set its house straight, and not at this painfully slow rate. It is not the world that is marginalizing them, but they themselves. But that aside - even our country needs to set its security straight. Yes ours is a country of a billion people, and it is much more difficult to control it. But to let the planning of an operation of this scale go ahead without information is unbelievable. After knowing that sea route was used for transport of RDX for earlier bombings, a sleeping coast guard is unpardonable. Where is the department of Homeland security, which should have been formed after Dec 1991, then 1993, then 2002, 2003, 2006? To blame governments, demand resignations are simply political ploys that should be shunned by any self-respecting citizen. Which of the many governments that have held the centre been able to save anyone from threats?
What is the solution? A very involved intelligence. A crack team that can handle such situations in a short span of time. Securing of major buildings with escape routes - these are some of the obvious answers, the low-hanging fruits. In the longer run, the election commission could ensure that there be no political party that can campaign on the basis of divisive politics, or woo 'votebanks'. It should be made unconstitutional to do so. Moving to a bi-party systems, where the governments can take more firm decisions and be responsible for them, in stead of engaging in compromise politics. And education, education and more education that can guide those misguided towards truth and justice in stead of letting them waste themselves in the name of religious warfare. May be these are idealistic thoughts, and some problems cannot be solved. But to continuosly brave those problems and putting up the resilient Mumbaikar spirit is not a plus but hopeless foolishness.

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ΛßΉÌÎÍ said...

We, Indians brood over every single terrorist attack & demand answers from our leaders who re corrupted to da core. The media slams 'Enough is Enough' on their broadcast & the people go with it. This ain't gona stop this, this is gona repeat again. It's just a matter of time. The jihadi's have done their job quite well. Just a handful of em caused catastrophic damage & brought mumbai to standstill for a day. The fact is our Intelligence Bureau was caught with its pants down.. Terrorism has exposed the fragility of nationalism cause its innovative planning though there is an international pool of expertise from which the average terrorist can draw liberally.