Monday, October 13, 2008


After much deliberation, I have finally invested in a digital SLR - a Sony Alpha 300. It seems appropriate for my amateur attempts. Up to this point, I had quite enjoyed my Point and shoot, Sony DSC P100, which has been by my side for four long and faithful years. It has traveled with me to many places and captured many of my memories. But there are a few things which can be best filmed with only a DSLR (the vegetal photography for instance, which has suddenly become my favorite subject).
My P100, unfortunately, is not taking the new arrival very well and has been throwing tantrums. It initially flared into a rage, flickering its screen profusely , and has now restored to a sulky blurred image. Needless to say, these tantrums are causing me much grief as I cannot always carry around the bulk of the garangutan Alpha, and quite miss the compactness and efficiency of my long-standing friend. I hope it comes back to its senses soon - very soon.

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