Thursday, April 10, 2008


Going through infinite sheets of boredom where almost nothing seems to be interesting. Have shelved the books I am reading, after futile attempts to sieve through more than 5 pages of them at a time. All movies seem to be either utterly dramatic or utterly cliche.
Even tried watching a TV series - having faith in their complete mindlessness in general - but the overkill of ideas in 'Triangle' did almost nothing to help.
May be it is the approaching summer. Or may be it is the continuous playing of No Ceiling in the background. Either way, I am desperately seeking ideas to get back on my 'occupied' existence.


Szerelem said...

Can't help but laugh at this. You have just described my exact situation. It sucks.

Alok said...

globetrotters feeling bored? how predictable :)

btw, didn't you just come back from Australia? What more do you want...?

Madhuri said...

Szerelem, yes it does :-(

Alok, I may have been back from Australia, but I came back to Bombay Alas!