Monday, November 12, 2007


I have been away from blogging for sometime now. Though the initial gap was attributed to work(!!), the later part was for a much better reason - a week long trip to Manali and Lahaul/Spiti! The trip was out of the world, with its share of adventure, madness and fun. I can't wait to write down about it on my travel blog, though looking at the work piling on my desk, it will be sometime before I will get time to do that.
Also saw the two new Bollywood "Blockbuster" releases - Sawariya and Om Shanti Om. The latter was fun, if you watch it as a spoof on Bollywood in general, but the former was a complete disaster. After reading Dostoyevsky's 'White Nights', I should have stayed away from this one, for Sanjay Leela Bhansali has made the story into a self indulgent movie with almost talentless actors. One should stay away from adaptations if they have nothing to lend to the narrative. It is a crime to make a musical curry out of a presentable theme. Perhaps the dreaminess of the movie could have been delightful if the actors were not so serious about themselves and could show some emotion in stead.
I am not in the least a bollywood fan and such movies reinstate my general disinterest. I think current Bollywood is far removed from greatness and focuses too much on selling starry dreams.

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