Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rare surges of patriotism...

The moments when Men in blue make everyone back home awfully proud and happy - when they bring a match with Pakistan to a tie, and hit wickets with every ball, even as the other team misses with equal consistency.
And then in a single over,Yuvraj hits sixes continuously on each ball, as if he has discovered a magic formula. 6 balls - 36 runs! You cannot help feeling buoyant on such an occasion.
Way to go!


contrarian said...

Lets hope they continue that today as well :)

Madhuri said...

:-) Amen!

Rupesh said...

The Indian cricket team has always shown mean reverting phenomena with a couple of good performances zeroing into a deplorable and forgettable match.

But today's game when SA went out of the Semis (again) the Indian team makes the supporters proud.

SA's tryst with Murphy continues (in world cup matches) and they are again out of the ICC T20 World Cup despite being one of the strongest teams around.