Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Everything that can go wrong in a day (and does)

  1. Beginning of a great day with an early morning flight - to none other than the city of 'Joy'. Of course I love to get up at 4:30 am (midnight?) and feel the lovely crisp air.
  2. Even better if the water supply decides to remain elusive - the sound of a few drops dripping from a dry tap is melodious at the least - heart warming at best. (Hello dear friend Murphy - nice to catch up with you!)
  3. Great flight - one kid sitting right in the next seat, another one in the row before and one more behind. Icing on the cake - at least one of them is the attention seeking brat who wants to keep the whole plane abreast of his presence. (the other two, true to their kid nature, whimper once in a while) The best thing about a morning flight is when bawling children sing lullabyes to you as you try to catch up on your lost sleep.
  4. Awesome food - what more could you want for breakfast but an overdose of oil - oily upma, oily neer dosa, served piping hot with an oily sambhar - Yummieeeeeee. (Sorry ma'am - North Indian breakfast is over. Nevermind, I am mad about south indian food rich in oil)
  5. A great landing into a hot city (which had reportedly flooded just 5 days ago) which has a predictably slow traffic. (Thank God for consistency!). Only and hour and fifteen minutes to reach office. Wow!
  6. The first words on landing - 'I think you should extend your stay and leave tomorrow' Why not, will you please sponsor a new set of clothes along with all the cosmetics I need?
  7. A crazy work day spent running around an alien office to ensure that I can wrap up before the last flight leaves.
  8. Lunch - Ah! More oil :-)
  9. Back at the airport - which is fabulous by the way - a great place to get stranded in. You guessed it - a delayed flight. I enjoy my time savouring all the delights which the 'Dum dum' has to offer.
  10. Further delay - and they want to finish the security check in at least an hour before the flight arrives.
  11. Sit next to a very sweet, though a little vociferous lady, who doesn't let go of the slightest excuse to curse the airline and compare it against all the others she has flown on. (You have Garlic in your veg food - Sahara doesn't do that...etc.)
  12. Dinner. Wow! The oil continues - and why would you ask for a substitute to rice? Rice is healthy for the body, especially if had at 10:30 in the night and served with koftas and paneer. (We don't have any breadrolls - and we are not even apologetic about it)
  13. Hovering around Bombay city in the night - takes only about half an hour to get landing clearance - what a pretty view. At midnight, the city just sparkles!


contrarian said...

Hmm .. Not that I didn't know that he's my friend too, after the great Sunday and an even better monday, I can fully vouch for Murphy. For you, I hope the worst that can happen for a day to go great, has happened.

Crazyfoetus said...

You live an interesting life ...

Madhuri said...

You can make your life interesting too by following a few simple steps:
1) Don't quote others under cooked up illogical headings
2) Write more posts under non-depression heads
3) Party...
4) Fly to Cal once in a while :-)