Sunday, April 08, 2007

The great axe!

Finally, the axe has fallen - on the already troubled cricketers who had started looking at modelling as an alternative career option after the stressful game.

The BCCI, fed up with the modeling focus, finally decided that the players will have to chose between the two careers. The poor cricketers (and don't our hearts go out in sympathy!) are now limited to endorse only 3 brands, and no brands can sign deals with more than two players. No exclusive contracts or interviews, and every contract to be watched by the big brother aka BCCI!

The latter has suddenly decided to play the strict father, reprimanding his erroneous kids. And as is common, the sympathy has suddenly tilted towards the players who just a few days ago were being criticized indiscriminately by the public, including this humble blogger. Despite the views expressed in my previous blog on cricket, I do feel that the punishment is a little harsh on the poor kids. After all, to come under strict supervision of the big brother and being stripped of a significant income opportunity is hard and demoralizing, especially after feeling the negative sentiment of fellow countrymen following the debacle. The loss of a coach, of course would add to some vows (though may be not for some like Ganguly, who would feel a little better without the forbearing coach!)

The saddest part of the verdict, was of course the notice to the master. I know he has not been playing well for long, and there are hundreds of people around who proudly present stats on how he has failed in times of need. But notwithstanding any of these arguments, Sachin has been a great player, and has countless number of times given Indians a cause to cheer and light up. It does not fit him to be asked to perform. Many think that he should have retired after the last cup, when he was at the pinnacle, and any voice raised against him was too feeble and drowned out amidst the loud cheer of the supporting crowd. I hope he redeems himself and is allowed that graceful exit that he truly deserves. To retire as the master and be remembered only as the great batsman.

Let's hope BCCI's punishments brings the performance of the team back on track. So I can sit with my new tata sky and once again cheer our team.


Shefali K. said...

It was in my mind to write something on Indian Cricket since a while - I will do that soon.

But, I do share your sentiments about Tendulkar and we ought to take a chill - it is a game afterall.

Crazyfoetus said...

U r endorsing Tata Sky Kya?