Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More on the reservation...

As I had expected, things have flared up on the reservation front. And I hope that some of the ire reaches the ears of those illiterate and deaf politicians. I have recieved many a mails for signing petitions against the proposal, and even though I am going to sign one, I see very little point in it. In a democracy, petitions hold no more value than a scrape of paper. And I cannot express the amount of anguish and frustration me and thousand others like me feel in a mere one-liner that will be largely ignored in the sea of petitions that reaches the doors of the courts so often.
I have also heard of an IIT Guwahati guy who threatens to immolate himself if the law is passed. Even though it is an exaggerated step and a very dramatic response that should not be encouraged, I wonder if such measures are the only way of confronting disastrous decisions that politicians take riding on the backs of this country that is too scared of reacting violently. Is it fair that our own government takes profit from the fact that we are a peace-loving and adjustng set of people? Does the solution lie in burning yourself up or running away to the pastures of a foreign land and try hard to forget that you belonged to a nation that tried to take everything away from your hands?

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