Sunday, March 26, 2006

Whiling away time and Friends

I am finally at home - managed to escape the perils of hell successfully and got back here with a degree. Now it feels heaven to live with absolute lack of purpose and while away dollops of time day after day. The only issue that overshadows the bliss is that my joining is too early. Of course I want to start working, but I was really looking forward to a travel break and visit at least sikkim and Ladhak. However, as it turns out, I am going to neither of the two, but in stead planning a Kerala trip clubbed with a 4-day cruise to Lakshadweep. Can't wait to get on the road...
Last few days have been good especially because of reunion with my friends. Rathi turned up from US and it was so comforting to find her the same old self. she hasn't changed even a bit. Spent a lot of time with her and Sheenu in the past 4 days. Even after having a great term at L, I would say there is no comparison to meeting old friends and spending time catching up and gossiping about the remotest acquaintance.
Also had a Consult reunion today, over good coffee and bad food. It was a good outing though, even so I wouldn't recommend the joint.

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