Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Reservations against Reservations

Today's headlines would have perhaps made many a students accross the country both nervous and full of despair. The reservations in premier Institutes, like central govt offices, is prposed to be increased to 49% from the current 22%! What do you say to a Nation's government that is set on killing one of its most established brands, only to be able to get some populist votes in future elections. For what other logic can lie behind such a discussion in the parliament?
How does giving almost 50% reservation to a section which does not even comprise the same proprtion of society help the cause of a country? In stead of taking progressive steps and aboloshing the current reservation system, whose ineffectiveness in fighting casteism and ill-effects in breeding inefficiencies is obvious to everyone, why is this country trying to retrograde and make the whole nation and its opportunities reserved? Its only recently since the youth of the country has started taking pride in belonging to this nation and the dream of a shining India has begun to take shape. And the premier institutes have been at the helm of this turning tide. Its alumunus has persistently fought to make an Indian niche in the western business world that had been oblivious to our nation's potential for long. and now when we have begun to see the fruits of these efforts, with one stroke the government wants to erode the recognition that has been bestowed upon us.
And who are these people who fight for the reservation? Is it their way of saying that they don't see any possibility of the youth from backward classes ever measuring up to the unreserved classes. Isn't that a discrimination of the highest order, sealing the alienation of the resevred classes with a stone determination? Will the youth ever be amenable to a person who has unrightfully taken away his opportunities without working for them without deserving them?
And which government will have the potential to take off these reservations once they are enforced and commit political suicide? All the educated and uneducated MPs, please reflect on the atrocity that you are considering. The objectives of any such decisions should be for the benefit of the country, not just short term gains to a much smaller section.

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