Thursday, March 09, 2006


Its the day next to the one when placements ended. It was a jubiliant moment for the batch. To complete placements in three slots is an achievment, and perhaps unprecendented here at L. Everyone is relieved and happy. Yet overall the placements left a slightly bitter taste in some mouths. There are many Finance enthusiasts who believe that the process is slightly skewed in the favor of those who can 'globe' endlessly, and therefore puts them at a disadvantage. It is perhaps especially true in our campuses, where GDs and personal HR interviews remain a very prominent mode of selection. Of course the fact remains that hard core finance companies do not even come to the campus except for some who come with minimal packages and little less established brand names. (at least in the global arena).
Sometimes I believe the whole HR systems are designed around promoting very vocal people, even if it is for roles like equity research and/or fund management. May be HRs should be banned from conducting the process and be responsible only for supporting the same (which surprisingly was what happened at IIT). You would like to believe that systems should get more involved and complicated for Management schools, but companies happily let their HR personnels conduct some meaningless useless interviews since they do not understand the business models/functional requirements too well.
And GDs. One would like to beleive that the useful(less)ness of GDs should be apparent to all and sundry except for companies where the role specifically involves aggression. Because in my limited exposures at GDs in this place has only established one fact for me (without Type I or Type II errors), that people who hog the most airtime end up being the ones who get to the interview rounds.
Anyways, I guess perfect processes can never be designed. All we ask is for the placement personnels to be more selective in choosing processes for the roles they are hiring for. And ofcourse it is helpful if they are honest and straightforward.

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